I have changed to Sony cameras.

A Photographer smiling and holding his camera

I have bought some new camera gear which means you will get better photos. I have changed from my Canon DSLR cameras to a brand new mirrorless Sony system. This new camera system has so many benefits compared to my old gear. 1: The mirrorless way of shooting: When shooting with a mirrorless camera, you […]

Colo Vale Farm

A young family walking through a field. The young boy sits atop the father's shoulders and the pregnant mother walks behind them.

One of the benefits with hiring me is access to a beautiful farm in Colo Vale. This farm is perfect for images. The following things are my favourite ‘features’ of the farm! 1: It is very open from the west. This means that there is beautiful golden light in the afternoons. Golden light is my […]

How it all started.

A photographer smiling, holding a hat with a camera around his neck

I am currently working and learning from James Day who is one of Australia’s leading Wedding Photographers. It all started with James looking for someone to help carry bags at weddings, I thought to myself this could be an awesome opportunity to get my foot in the door and start learning about what goes into […]