Wedding Photography FAQ

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If I am available for your date, I will organise a time to catch up and run through what you have planned for your day/how I will provide value for you. This will be done via zoom, or we can catch up for a coffee (depending on my schedule). If we are a good fit and you want to hire me, a $1000 deposit is required at the time of signing the contract. 

For weddings I would recommend booking up to a year in advance to avoid disappointment. Please get in touch as soon as you know your wedding date.

While engagement sessions aren’t included in my wedding fee, I would highlighy recommend booking an engagement shoot with me for a few reasons:


  • We can start to build a connection and build a friendship before your wedding day. 
  • You can think of it as a warm up or training session for being photographed by me on your wedding day.
  • You will receive a gallery full of beautiful images, and we won’t have the time constraints of a wedding day, so we can have a lot of fun with our locations! 
  • These images can also be used on save the dates or wedding invites. 


I offer a discounted rate for engagement photoshoots for all of my wedding photography clients.

Yes! I use the word ‘wedding’ to describe these photography packages, but I embrace all kinds of weddings, including elopements. If you’re interested in elopement photography, I would love to authentically capture your special day. Get in touch with me today using my contact form.

I sure do! Whether this means catching flights, 4wding out to your farm or catching a boat to a remote island, I am up for the adventure! There may be a travel fee, and this will be discussed in our initial meeting.

A $1000 deposit is required at the time of signing the contract. The remainder of your package fee is due 28 days before your wedding day. 

In the event of a cancellation, you will lose your non-refundable deposit that was paid when you booked in your wedding package. 

Absolutely! We will have a pre-wedding consultation in-person or via Zoom to learn all about each other. We will also meet one month before your wedding day via Zoom to finalise your runsheet. 

Yes, I love being involved with planning locations, times, and recommending other wedding vendors. I am more than happy to help out with organising your timeline at no extra cost. 

Yes! I am happy to capture your photos with whatever props you want included. This could be a car, your pets, or anything else we can work together to include. 

My style of photography will likely change multiple times throughout your wedding day. I like to think of a wedding day as the ultimate marathon for a photographer. There is documentary photography (during your ceremony and speeches), there is fashion photography (during your portrait session), product photography (your wedding rings and meals) there is also family photography (this one’s pretty obvious). I will trust my gut throughout the day and follow the action to shoot what I believe will have the most value to you. I am happy to discuss your particular needs before the date. 


More generally, my style is a true reflection of what is unfolding in front of me. I want to capture the emotion a person feels, not posed or staged. Naturally, at times throughout your photoshoot, staged shots are necessary, but in general, I prefer a more authentic image of the occasion.

I will send you some sneak peeks within 3 days of your wedding day. I will then curate and edit all of your images in colour and black and white. You will receive your full gallery within 4 weeks of your wedding day. 

I typically deliver 50-100 images per shooting hour. Part of the reason you hire me is to curate the images I take and deliver them in a way that tells your story. I am not going to keep images from you, but instead deliver the image that best portrays that moment. This means I will make sure any double-ups, closed-eyes or in-between shots don’t make their way into your gallery.

I sure do! Every time I take an image for you it is automatically copied onto two separate memory cards in my camera. I will then back them up after your wedding day onto my hard drive. I also make a copy of them on Dropbox as you can never be too safe. I highly recommend you make a copy yourselves in a couple of different locations. Perhaps put your photos on a hard drive and a cloud-based storage service.

I want to capture who you are in your most true form. I will remove small blemishes, bruises or cuts, but I won’t be drastically changing the way you physically appear. Some photography techniques I use do require photoshop such as brenizers. 

The way I shoot and edit my images is highly intentional. You could compare my process to fine dining. You would never bring tomato sauce to put on a beautifully prepared meal, as it would completely change the flavour, and experience of the meal. I have edited and coloured your images to best represent how your wedding day looked and felt. So, I ask that you do not edit my images before you post them online.

Yes, of course. I value your privacy and I understand that you  may not want to be on my socials or website. Let me know at the time of booking or at your wedding that you would like me to keep your gallery private.

They can, but I would recommend asking them not to. I will capture the ceremony with my intuition and fancy cameras! I would highly recommend having an ‘unplugged’ ceremony.  However, some guests will insist on using camera phones at different times during the day. I recommend speaking to your celebrant about how best to navigate this situation. During the ceremony I will be moving around and trying to capture all of the moments from the best angles.