General Photography FAQ

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Please fill out the form on my contact page, so we can organise everything over email or phone. I am also happy to do Zoom meetings. 

For weddings I would recommend booking up to a year in advance to avoid disappointment. Please get in touch as soon as you know your wedding date. For families, couples and commercial shoots, 1-2 months ahead of your photoshoot is usually enough lead time.  

I have access to a farm in Colo Vale where we can shoot family, maternity, or couple photos. If you have a different location in mind I am happy to work with you.

Typically 1 hour before sunset. In winter this will be around 5:00pm and in summer around 7:00pm. This will give you the best results. 

I am lucky to call the Southern Highlands home, so I am in close proximity to many popular photoshoot locations in this area. If I am required to travel further than 1 hour there may be a nominal travel fee.  

Yes, I require a non-refundable deposit on all of my services. This will lock in your photoshoot date for you, and ensure that my time is yours for the agreed occasion. 

In the event of a cancellation, you will lose your non-refundable deposit that was paid when you booked in the shoot. I will do my best to re-book your photoshoot, but please be mindful that my availability may be limited on short-notice.

Typically, I deliver 50-100 images per shooting hour. Part of the reason you hire me is to curate the images I take, and deliver them in a way that tells your story. I am not going to keep images from you, but instead deliver the image that best portrays that moment. This means I will make sure any double-ups, closed-eyes or in-between shots don’t make their way into your gallery.

Weather is unpredictable. I will keep an eye on the forecast leading up to your shoot day. If it is looking sour, I will be in touch to potentially reschedule, either reorganising our photoshoot time, or suggesting an alternative location that suits you.

My style of photography suits earthy natural tones such as greens, oranges, browns, beige and navy blue. I would recommend wearing something you feel comfortable in and can move around in. I wouldn’t recommend wearing heavily branded clothes, we don’t want your images to look like promotional shoots for said brand!

I totally understand the anxiety that may come along with being photographed. I pride myself on making our session a fun, safe and  enjoyable experience. I photograph people using games and activities that will take your mind away from the fact that you’re being photographed. This is just one method I use to capture authentic images. Feel free to chat to me about what I can do to make your photoshoot experience as enjoyable as possible.

Yes! I am all about capturing you and your fur babies. However, please be aware that some locations may not allow pets such as national parks and beaches.  We can discuss this in our pre-shoot catch up. 

My style is a true reflection of what is unfolding in front of me. I want to capture the emotion a person feels, not posed or staged. Naturally, at times throughout your photoshoot, staged shots are necessary, but in general, I prefer a more authentic image of the occasion. 

In short, no. If i were to provide you with RAW files i would be providing a disservice. A part of why you would want to hire me is because of the colours and tones I use in my editing style. I bring my images to life in the editing stage of my process, which has taken years of practice. Trust me, your images are in great hands.

The way I shoot and edit my images is highly intentional. You could compare my process to fine dining. You would never bring tomato sauce to put on a beautifully prepared meal, as it would completely change the flavour, and experience of the meal. I have edited and coloured your images to best represent how your photoshoot looked and felt. So, I ask that you do not edit my images before you post them online.

Yes, of course. I value your privacy and I understand that you  may not want to be on my socials or website. Let me know at the time of booking or at your photoshoot that you would like me to keep your gallery private.

I want to capture who you are in your most true form. I will remove small blemishes, bruises or cuts, but I won’t be drastically changing the way you physically appear. Some photography techniques I use do require photoshop such as brenizers. 

I sure do! Every time I take an image for you it is automatically copied onto two separate memory cards in my camera. I will then back them up after your photoshoot onto my hard drive. I also make a copy of them on Dropbox as you can never be too safe. I highly recommend you make a copy yourselves in a couple of different locations. Perhaps put your photos on a hard drive and a cloud-based storage service.