I have bought some new camera gear which means you will get better photos.

I have changed from my Canon DSLR cameras to a brand new mirrorless Sony system.

This new camera system has so many benefits compared to my old gear.

1: The mirrorless way of shooting: When shooting with a mirrorless camera, you see the exposure before you have taken the photo. This makes me a lot more efficient and faster. Which essentially means more amazing photos for you.

2: Eye tracking focus: This new camera has some awesome technology that will actually track my subjects eye. This means a grater hit rate for in focus images.

3: It is silent: Having a silent camera has many benefits, these being: Not being distracted by the sound of my camera and not knowing when I am actually taking a photo which means for more candid images.

What gear did I get?

I got a Sony A9mk2. This will be my main body. I am still deciding on my second body.

Sony 16-35mm 2.8GM. This lens is great on the dance floor!

Sony 24mm 1.4 GM. This lens is great for establishing shots. Big scene images at sunset(small people in a big frame) I will also use this lens when doing getting ready shots and on the dance floor.

Sony 50mm 1.2 GM. This lens is the one I will probably use the most. It has a very shallow depth of field which makes people stand out from the background.

Sony 85mm 1.8: This lens will be used for detail shots, and during the ceremony.

Sony 135mm 1.8GM: This lens is my telephoto lens that will be used for creative portraits, during the ceremony and to capture candids during the reception.

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